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Frequently Asked Questions about the KonMari Method

Q: Do I need to read the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo?
A: Yes and no. It's best to read the entire book before you start the process. There are copies at the local library or you can buy it at a bookstore or online. I actually listened to the audiobook via Audible when I was on a long trip. The information in the book is helpful and inspirational. However, if you don't have an opportunity to read it, I can still work with you. I have worked with clients who hadn't read the book.

Q: Do I need a consultant to help me through the process?
A: Definitely not! If you are motivated, you can do it alone. What I bring to the process is guidance, knowledge, and a pair of helping hands. And I bring a positive, creative energy that will help propel you forward. Once you make an appointment with me it will increase your commitment level. But certainly you can tidy your home without a consultant.

Q: What does it cost?
A: The initial consultation at my office is $75 for an individual and $150 for a couple. After that, we determine which Tidying Festival package meets your needs. The Bronze Level package includes five in-home Tidying Lessons for $1500. This package is the minimum package and will be an introduction to each of the five KonMari categories. Other packages are available that include video calls between in-home visits and additional Tidying Lessons.

Q: Should I buy storage products such as bins, boxes and shelving before the Tidying Festival?
A: The short answer is no. Once you have decided what to keep, you may find that you don't need much auxiliary storage. I do recommend having cardboard shoe boxes and pretty contact paper to cover them. You will need drawer dividers - the shoe boxes work well for that purpose. Trays and small dishes are also helpful. Once you've started finding a home for you beloved items, you may find that you do need more shelves or cabinets, but that is often not necessary.

Q: What do I do with my discarded items?
A: For those things that no longer spark joy, there are a few options. Donate them to charity, throw them in the trash, recycle where you can, or sell. Giving items to someone you know is also an option, but be careful here. Make sure the item sparks joy for the recipient. You don't want to burden your loved ones with items that bring them no joy. Definitely don't take a box of your childhood mementos and drop them off at your parents' home unless you are asked to by the parents themselves. Have bags or boxes on hand for sorting the discarded objects. If you plan to sell items, develop a specific selling plan with a date attached. Often, donating an item to charity and getting a tax receipt is just as financially advantageous as selling it. I had a garage sale once myself where the profits were about $100. Unfortunately due to an accident moving furniture around when it started to rain, I had to have a toenail removed. The surgery cost $350. Consider carefully if it's worth trying to sell your objects.

Q: My home is already tidy. How will this process help me?
A: If your home is already tidy, then you may not need to do a Tidying Festival. Evaluate your space. It may be neat and clean, but does it spark joy? Is it filled with things you love? Does it inspire you? The goal here is a place that reflects your authentic self, where you feel peace and joy and creativity.

Q: I have some things that I love that aren't attractive to anyone else. What should I do with those?
A: It depends. If you love a mounted deer head from one of your hunting expeditions, but the other members of your family are vegetarian animal lovers who don't appreciate your trophy, consider the impact on the family of this type of object. It may be time to let the trophy go. In other less extreme cases, if you have something you love but you don't want to display it, you can put it in a conspicuous place in a closet, cabinet or drawer where you will see it regularly.

Q: Are you a certified consultant?
A: Yes! I was certified by Marie Kondo in August of 2017. I participated in the Consultant Training Seminar in San Francisco in 2016 and have completed Tidying Festivals with many clients since then. There are only about 250 Certified KonMari Consultants in the world. I'm also one of a handful of speakers who are certified by Marie Kondo to speak about the KonMari Method at events on her behalf.