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About Spark Joy Jax

Elizabeth Reed

Welcome to Spark Joy Jax of Jacksonville, Florida. I'm Elizabeth Reed, a Certified KonMari Consultant, and life coach. I have two service offerings to help you find what sparks joy in your life and together we will work toward your ideal lifestyle.

One service I offer is organizing using the KonMari Method. I'm the only Certified KonMari Consultant in Northeast Florida.  I trained in person under Marie Kondo, the originator of the KonMari Method. I help you declutter your space so that everything in your home or office sparks joy and supports your ideal lifestyle.

The other service I offer is life coaching. I have tools and resources to help you with finding what gives you joy in your career, health, and relationships. I can work with you to define what's important to you and help you set up action plans that are fully in sync with your values.

Here's my story: I was a tidy child. I was that little girl who has her books alphabetized and all her dolls lined up on a shelf. As life grew busier, though, with a family and pets and a full-time job, chaos crept into our home. Looking back, I can see how we let clutter accumulate throughout our house during that time.

After my kids left for college, I had time to think about the life I wanted to build for myself.  I listened to the audiobook version of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo when I was on the five-hour drive to see my youngest daughter at her school. It was transformational for me! When I got home, I sorted through my clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items, asking the question, "Does this spark joy?"

Once I was done with the tidying festival, I started asking this about other areas of my life. My suburban house itself didn't spark joy. I rented it out and moved into a funky urban loft. My corporate accounting job didn't spark joy. I resigned and started to look for an encore career that sparked joy for me.

The first thing I thought of was KonMari Consultant. The KonMari Method of organizing had been so empowering for me, I thought it would be fantastic to share it with others. Unfortunately, there weren't any consultant training sessions planned. My next idea was business coaching. I tried this out with a client and found that as a CPA, I had something to offer a client in understanding finances, but I needed training. I enrolled in coach training with iPEC, which stands for Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. The training is fantastic! Meanwhile, the very day that I was driving to Miami for the first intensive coach training session, I received an email from KonMari Media that a KonMari consultant training session would be held soon. I hesitated but decided to do it. I went to San Francisco for the training, which was conducted in Japanese by the adorable Marie Kondo and one of her associates. Every statement and question was translated from Japanese to English and back again. We learned detailed tips for sorting each category of items, as well as how to listen effectively and how to start our business plans. I met lovely, joyful consultant trainees from the USA as well as Canada, Mexico, Poland, Denmark, Germany, and Australia. I learned that the desire to have a space that supports us is universal! I have so much to offer clients as a result of the iPEC and KonMari training I've received.

As a Certified KonMari Consultant, I can help you decide what to keep. Together we will make a lovely home for you and those things that spark joy in your life. Letting go of things that don't spark joy can be difficult due to attachment to the past and fear of the future. I provide emotional support and guidance as you progress.

As a coach, I have tools and resources to help you imagine your ideal lifestyle in a broader sense and empower you to move toward your dream life. 

For organizing, I offer a $75 consultation where we will discuss the process. You will create a vision board that will help you visualize your ideal lifestyle, and we will plan how to proceed. 

Contact me to set up a consultation and let's get to work together!

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I volunteer as an usher with The Florida Theatre and Jacksonville Symphony.

I'm a proud member of Toastmasters International and the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi.

What Others are Saying

"Elizabeth provided me with insights on areas of my life that I hope to continue working and improving on. During the Energy Leadership Debrief she walked me through all the energy levels and explained the potential of each, and not in terms of “good” or “bad,” which I found to be a particularly compassionate approach. I discovered where I could improve, grow and just be aware of where I experience resistance, etc. Elizabeth’s emphasis on integrating this new found awareness as a tool to succeed was very empowering and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to create new possibilities in their life."

—Jessica Y. Artist and Author

"Elizabeth is a great coach because she cares about what I want out of the process rather than her just furthering a set agenda. She gives gentle guidance without being aggressive. She also checks up to make sure I am following through on the items we outlined.  She helped me create a workable roadmap for my business to grow and remain financially prosperous. Meeting with Elizabeth helped to clarify my my options and see what I really wanted to do for the future. Elizabeth was helpful by narrowing down my goals and setting up a timeline for achievement and holding me accountable for them.  Over the course of the engagement, she asked insightful questions about my vision for the business as well as detailed questions about revenue sources and expense items. Regarding revenue, we developed a plan to diversify my revenue stream without adding new fixed costs. We created an action plan with dates for implementing changes that will increase revenue and decrease fixed costs significantly over the next year and beyond."

—Ambre Goff, Owner/Wedding Planner

"Elizabeth not only guides me in how to set and achieve goals, but she also keeps me focused on my objectives for progressing."

—John Bracey, Toastmasters Club President

"I admire Elizabeth because of the sincere manner in which she communicates. Her ability to motivate, inspire, and coach others is very impressive. Even though I am an experienced speaker, she was able to coach me to higher levels of speaking success. Elizabeth has a gift for coaching!"

—Ken F. Corporate Trainer

"Elizabeth is a great mentor & guide."

—Somesh Chablani, Sales Development Manager

"Elizabeth considers things carefully before speaking or acting, and in my view, that is a way of approaching things that is not only practical but also allows her to take into consideration the personal side of an issue or problem. 

—JAL, Colleague

"I enjoy working with Elizabeth, because we share a similar work ethic.  She maintains a positive attitude and aspires for greatness. "

—Heather Rippstein, Technical Business Consultant